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Alcohol gels – more harm than good?

Alcohol hand sanitisers are currently recommended for use by many healthcare organisations across the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO). However, a group of authors* claims a multi-centre “real time” study of Colony Forming Unit (CFU) counts on human skin show that this advice may actually be detrimental. read more

Living with Cancer

A personal account of my experiences living with someone diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In July 2015 my partner attended our local trust for a routine ultrasound scan of her abdomen. For 7 years prior, the team had been checking on a small ovarian cyst about the size of a peanut. The cells inside it had been checked and were unremarkable. This year however it had grown to approx 12cm across. read more

Hand Hygiene: Hand Washing

Hand washing is the best and easiest way to prevent the spread of infection, this will protect you and others from illnesses such as the common cold, flu and even tummy bugs. A quick rinse under the tap and wiping your hands on your clothes because the queue for the hand dryer is too long just won’t cut it. Proper hand washing should take around 20 seconds or as long read more

Bags of Bacteria

80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch. According to a study in 2008 you could be touching your face 15.7 times an hour, that’s 376 opportunities a day to transfer harmful bacteria to your mouth, nose, eyes and ears where they can enter the body and make you sick. Handbags are an everyday necessity for most women. They are rarely cleaned but could contain more bacteria than the average read more

Is this mist a miracle?

Is this mist a miracle? Q Bioshield instantly kills hospital superbugs then creates a hygiene shield to stop their return for up to a year.Andrew Kemp of Q Medical Technologies, explains why it could be the answer to the NHS’ prayers A’miracle mist’which instantly kills hospital superbugs and then lays down an impregnable hygiene shield to stop their return for up to 12 months is poised to transform the infections read more

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