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British invention begins to revolutionise infection prevention in India and China

A revolutionary product used in some British Hospitals to fight infections for the last 3 years has now landed in India and Hong Kong.  The product known as Q ShieldTM has been used in Hospitals such as the Yorkshire Foot Hospital and the London Cosmetic Surgery clinic since 2009 with fantastic results.  First used in India at the Bansal Hospital in New Delhi (the first in the group of 16 read more

Extremely Obese People More Likely To Die From H1N1 Swine Flu

Extremely obese individuals, those with a BMI (body mass index) of over 40, have a significantly higher chance of dying from 2009 A(H1N1) swine flu infection compared to other people, researchers revealed in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. The scientists gathered data from a public health surveillance database in California and found extreme obesity to be a “powerful risk factor for death”. Read full article… read more

Daily Mail Exposes Hidden Bacteria In The Home

Help, Teddy’s got a bug: The (very) alarming results when one family asked a science lab to test their home for germs By Isla Whitcroft Last month, a Which? report found that a mobile phone keypad could contain up to 18 times more harmful bacteria than the average family toilet flush handle. Worse still, of the 30 phones they tested, one showed high enough levels of contamination to cause a read more

How can Q shield protect us from our changing environment?

How can we as individuals protect ourselves from each other, our friends and family and still live together successfully?  To understand how we can do this we must understand how these diseases are spread. The current UK Health protection agency web site has the following statement on it; “Hands continue to play a major role in the transmission of infection in all healthcare environments. Hand cleansing is the single most read more

China – ahead of the world in infection prevention

It has long been known in the medical/ infection control industry, that China leads the world when it comes to hand cleanliness and prevention of transmission of viral type diseases.  It is no coincidence that Hong Kong was the first place in the world to produce a study on the transmission of Swine flu last year.  Even though it was one of the last areas to suffer from an outbreak, read more

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