Ponies and Germs by Violet Whitaker

Ponies and Germs 🏇🤢

I’m writing this blog as I know most people with ponies will have the same problem as me………’not being able to wash your hands properly when you’re down the yard or at shows’!

Well, I have a solution…… and it’s a hand sanitiser called Q Shield 👏🏻

Basically it’s a non-alcohol hand sanitiser that you put on once (yes only once) and it doesn’t wash or rub off for over 24 hours – it also kills germs including all the nasties like Ecoli and Norovirus 👍🏻 (bugs that give you bad tummy ache)! This makes it ideal for everything pony! We have it at home, in my grooming box, in the car and in the tack room – Jack and I also put it on every day before school!

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