Q Shield™ Hand Hygiene at Work Reducing staff sickness

q shield in the workplaceQ Shield™ in the workplace

Don’t wait to get infected with flu or diarrhea and vomiting bugs!!!! Prevent it happening to you and your staff!!!

When H1N1 influenza A (swine flu) spread through the world, keeping hands clean was the most important ways to prevent infection and illness. “Frequent handwashing is probably the single most effective and simplest intervention you can do to protect yourself and your family,” according to Dr. Judy Daly, spokesperson for the American Society for Microbiology.

Are your staff becoming sick with flu or diarrhea and vomiting?

Impossible questions to answer

Who touched the Key board last? Did they have clean hands? Has someone sneezed on the desk top you are about to touch? Did the last person to touch your phone clean their hands properly after their last visit to the toilet?

So protect yourself and your staff first.

Apply Q Shield™ to your hands when you get to work in the morning, your hands are protected for the rest of the day and night. Keep washing your hands when you can get to sinks to remove dead microbes allowing the Q Shield™ to remain in contact with any new live organisms. You can’t wash QShield off, so it keeps on protecting you. The only hand sanitizer available to provide full protection for 24 hours.

Alcohol gels may not kill everything on your skin, if they evaporate with out doing so you hands will remain infected with flu, ready for the next time you touch your face, mouth or eat something with your hands. Alcohol gels provide no protection between uses.  Alcohol gel DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST NOROVIRUS, Q shield does.

How can you know when you come into contact with a virus? You can’t so protect yourself and your family first. Q Shield™ the only persistent hand cleanser that can protect you all day and all night.

Staff off sick? – expensive?

Just 4p per day per person Q Shield™ is the simple and most effective way of preventing you and your staff from catching Flu, diarrhea and vomiting bugs and many other diseases!!!!